OLG Students anticipate the Jewish Passover with an adaptation of the Seder

As we begin the sacred Triduum on this Holy Thursday, the 6th grade class presented three separate sessions of an adaptation of the Seder, the meal during which Our Lord and Savior instituted the Eucharist.  As a devout Jew, Jesus and his disciples joined their countrymen and women in retelling the story of the release of the Jewish people from slavery under Pharaoh in Egypt and participated in the unbroken tradition of retelling the story.
As Christians we too join in the Jewish commemoration of these events since as members of one of the three "religions of the Book" these are sacred times for us as well. 
The entire school shared in matzo (the unleavened bread) and grape juice (the "fruit of the vine") as we remembered and retold the story both of the first Passover and of the first Eucharist. 
Congratulations to all and to the 6th grade religion teacher, Ms. Shyra Dawson.  You will be missed when you move on to a new career at the end of this school year.