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Our Lady of Grace Catholic School is a nurturing and diverse faith-based community that provides a comprehensive curriculum aligned with Diocesan and State standards. All teachers collaborate in order to provide learning experiences which are set to ignite curiosity, inspire learning, and develop 21st century skills. 
Our Lady of Grace provides instruction in the Catholic faith in order to nurture each student's academic, social, and spiritual growth. 
We offer a language enriched curriculum in order to help each student become an effective communicator in both written and oral language. Our budding dual-language program in Tk and Kindergarten helps students acquire a second language and is a research based approach to stimulate learning in a 21st century economy.
We offer a comprehensive program to encourage deep conceptual understanding and effective computational and procedural skills.
We offer an interactive program that nurtures the inquisitive side of students through  lab activities while developing scientific literacy.
We offer a program in which students study people and communities, today and throughout history, in the United States and around the world.  This study allows students to think critically and make connections between people and events. 
Students in grades TK and K participate in our Dual Language program, while students in grades 1-8 have Spanish classes twice a week.
All students in grades TK-8 participate in an in-depth art program which helps them develop their own talents and abilities. 
Our program encompasses the mind, body and soul. Students engage in sports, dance, stretching, teamwork, and sportsmanship.
Students in grades TK-1 have classes in perceptual motor development ( Motor Skills) to help them hone gross motor abilities and build self-regulation skills.